The Internal Clitoris

Picture a clit in your mind. You’ll see a little bundle of nerves with a little hood covering it. Now what if I told you that you are only picturing the tip of a much larger body of the organ? What you touch and see, that cute little bundle is called the glans; the clitoris actually extends around the vaginal opening and down the sides of the vulva.

What is more surprising is the fact that we hadn’t formally acknowledged its existence until 2009!

Yes.. as in three years ago.

The internal clit holds 8,000 sensory nerve fibers, that’s more than anywhere else in the body and nearly twice the amount in the head of a penis.

See that yellow thing? Yeah, that’s a clitoris. THAT is what feels good, and THAT is what is connected to that little tiny bulb above the vagina. Maybe the lack of sexual fulfillment in some women is due to the fact that no one knows the extent of our wonderful little sex organ!