Comparing Sexual Revolutions: Predicting the next one

This is a passage from a 27 page paper i wrote over the summer on the Freudian Sexual Revolution and Masters and Johnson’s Revolution. At the end of my paper I explain the repression we are facing currently:

I feel that we are currently in a sexual repression. Our repression is based around the ambivalent idea that on one hand our government is pushing a high sense of moral based structures while our media is advertising sexual pressures in every day life. The advancements in women’s rights are now regressing as the state becomes more involved with the sex lives of women and families. For example, the laws trying to be passed on the mandatory vaginal ultrasounds during abortion planning are just one aspect of the states invasion of women’s sex lives. In a time where artistic individuality and freedom is at a high, we are also constantly reminded of moral restrictions through our puritanical based republican minds in the senate. Our image of sex is reduced to, again, either an act that can only be talked about in inappropriate terms unless used in reference to procreation. Heterosexual sex through marriage is now, again, an act put on a pedestal while procreation outside of marriage is considered inappropriate. The sex lives outside of marriage, especially in our youth and queer communities are mostly considered a taboo that may not be considered as mature sex. Although we are more open to homosexuality now more than ever, we still use homosexual terms negatively. Queer ideas are often a threat to heterosexual normality and tend to challenge the dominance of the often-religious ruling class that is controlling our sex lives. The “war on women” is a threat to the rights women fought for in the revolution of the 60’s and 70’s. Topics such as birth control, abortion, and rape fund regulations are letting our society regress to a gender separation that we thought had already been mended. The revolution brought sexual equality to the roles of men and women. As Masters and Johnson explain, men and women are equal through the stages of sexual response. Therefore, men and women should be sexually equal. The war on women is now turning into the war on human nature. Now, because of the ruling class we are being reminded of our sexual differences through moral pressures of abstinence and the pop culture pressures of sexual activity.”

Happy Holidays!

I have heard down the grapevine that today is national “coming out” day. (As opposed to coming out any other day). I think that it is very important to understand the idea of coming out as both a celebration, and something that can be very difficult and scary. Yes we should celebrate, gay and straight alike. I do, however, think that we should take this time to be considerate to those who are having/ have had a terrible experience coming out. Thousands of kids are being bullied, tormented, kicked out of their homes, and tormented   because of their sexuality; as if its anyones business who they love or are attracted to. We need to take this time to feel the power that comes from our awareness, and concentrate that energy into support for our brothers and sisters that are struggling. 

Don’t just celebrate your own coming out successes, but celebrate the power we have to keep healing our future and our ability to grow as a human race <3

And with that, I leave you with a picture of my girlfriend and I,

Tis our 2 year anniversary :) (she’s the cute blonde one!)

Happy Holidays, and happy coming out day!



The Department of Health and Human Services recently announced the recipients of a $5 million federal grant designated for abstinence-only education programs. Although President Obama has opposed funding for abstinence-only programs since the beginning of his time in office, social conservatives in Congress forced a choice during the battle to pass Obama’s landmark health care reform law in 2010: in order to support extending to health coverage to more Americans, Senate Republicans demanded to deprive students of accurate and comprehensive sexual health education.

Despite the fact that abstinence-only curricula are ineffective and, in many cases — when young adults make risky sexual decisions after abstinence education fails to equip them with the resources they need — dangerous, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) used the Senate version of the health care reform bill to restore a lapsed program that provides funding for abstinence programs. President Obama eliminated the Title V Abstinence Education program in his 2010 budget, finally doing away with the steadily increasing federal funding for abstinence programs that ballooned under the George W. Bush administration. But Hatch’s bill, which narrowly squeaked by the Senate Finance Committee, forced the Obama administration to reverse that decision in order to pass health care reform.

And earlier this month, the Title V funds that Hatch insisted on tacking onto Obamacare were distributed to nine organizations that provide “mentoring, counseling and adult supervision to promote abstinence from sexual activity.” Of course, abstinence-only curricula advance those goals while neglecting to impart accurate information about methods to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as failing to include comprehensive discussions about sexuality and the LGBT community.

Although the Obama administration attempted to take a step forward by moving to eliminate Title V funds, social conservatives’ insistence on clinging to a misguided approach to sex education has brought the country right back — ensuring that federal funds will be spread over abstinence programs for the next two years. As the spokesperson for the right-wing National Abstinence Education Association put it, “[Obama administration officials] were specifically tasked by Congress to appropriate these funds for an authentic abstinence education program. So they really had no recourse but to do just that.”

You can look up here how much money is given to a certain state for a certain level of sex education and it’s RIDICULOUS how much federal funds are being spent on abstinence only education that has proven to be ineffective and really doesn’t teach a thing.

Meditation and Bondage: A semi-rant

It really has a lot to do with being in the present. I find parallels between bondage and meditation because of the idea that you cannot really know yourself until you learn to feel comfortable with living inside yourself for at least an extended amount of time. In a generation where we are constantly relying on instant gratification, we spend next to no time sitting with our own intellectual minds. Ideas are expected to erupt instantly, where as most artists in history took years to develop even one idea. So while meditating you are to completely live inside yourself with no sense of past or future, once you view yourself from this perspective you can then realize your limits and start to ask yourself what those are in terms of mentality and physicality. When you are rushing around and you are looking for instant reactions, lets say you hurt yourself, you gash your finger.. This makes you slow down. What are you to do? How will this heal in time? It won’t. You are forced to let it heal, and by this we get a hint of our limits. Our patience. I find these small things, like wounds and season changes and sickness to be very humbling.

While bounded you must live completely in the present in order for anything to be affective. The idea is that no matter how much you panic, or try to get out of it- you won’t. You must practice patience and will power to stay within yourself, just like meditation. I find that bondage is a form of meditation. Whether a partner is involved or not, your perception of the self while under extreme restraint is different than under extreme discomposure of the mind (like we experience through this technological age.) Through both bondage and meditation we are forced to live in the complete present; through pain and pleasure in order to fully experience what our bodies can ultimately absorb. If we spend just a portion of our days to really take in our world, or what our bodies can really feel, instead of instantly gratifying ourselves sexually, intellectually, and spiritually.. Imagine how much we could really connect to each other. Imagine how much we could expand ourselves. 

Anonymous said: I really like what this blog is about. I see so many sex advice blogs that contradict the idea of sex becoming normal. Thank you, please post more! I hope you can get a community that starts to talk about sex as a normality, and not something perverted..

wow, thank you very much. This is exactly how i want my posts to be percieved and i hope i collect that type of community as well :) I’m glad you like it! 

Anonymous said: You haven't posted anything in forever, are you coming back?

I am! I am so sorry, I have all these ideas written down but i have severely neglected my blog. For that i am exceedingly apologetic :) 

Other than being a sex history geek, i am also an aspiring performance artist and getting ready for a big exhibition that i am planning to perform in early spring. As soon as i get myself organized i will dedicate more time to this lovely blog i have started.

So, Michigan House of Representatives, we can’t get abortions because you can’t say the word vagina? hm.. it seems that my choices are in the hands of an elementary school health class..

Dear followers..

I feel I must explain myself. A few of you have messaged me asking to post some more things. I have been working on a HUGE research paper on comparing sexual revolutions, it has been taking very large amounts of my energy and research time. I will post excerpts from it if you’d like but for now i must finish my paper first before I make and new posts.

While you wait, I would love and appreciate any requests from any of you! As soon as I come back I promise to write things about them. 

Until then I leave you with this  painting of Circe I found..  

Isn’t she lovely?

On the way back from the beach on saturday my girlfriend and I stopped by our teacher’s bookstore in Lambertville NJ. It’s a small rare book store and by no means ordinary. Not only did they have a witch and adventure section but also… yes, a sex section! And an absolutely gorgeous sex section I might add. 

We were in a time crunch because our antsy younger siblings were waiting outside. As she occupied the witch section I waded my way through the first edition erotica. I swear I’ve never swooned over books the way I did in this moment.. I must go back.. If only to buy that book on pirate homosexuality.. 

The books shown above are the ones I decided to adopt. 

-Greek Homosexuality by K.J. Dover

-The Nude: A New Perspective by Gill Sanders


-Difference and Pathology: Stereotypes of Sexuality, Race, and Madness by Sander L. Gilman  (note: the Bayros illustration on the cover mhmm..)

Here is the link to this beautiful bookstore’s website-

The Internal Clitoris

Picture a clit in your mind. You’ll see a little bundle of nerves with a little hood covering it. Now what if I told you that you are only picturing the tip of a much larger body of the organ? What you touch and see, that cute little bundle is called the glans; the clitoris actually extends around the vaginal opening and down the sides of the vulva.

What is more surprising is the fact that we hadn’t formally acknowledged its existence until 2009!

Yes.. as in three years ago.

The internal clit holds 8,000 sensory nerve fibers, that’s more than anywhere else in the body and nearly twice the amount in the head of a penis.

See that yellow thing? Yeah, that’s a clitoris. THAT is what feels good, and THAT is what is connected to that little tiny bulb above the vagina. Maybe the lack of sexual fulfillment in some women is due to the fact that no one knows the extent of our wonderful little sex organ!